Are there really NJ campgrounds? Like nice ones that people would actually want to stay at and maybe even return to?


That was the opening sentence in an email I received recently…and it wasn't unique! I have received a bunch of emails along those lines over the last couple of years. It has gotten to the point where I just chuckle when I see that sentence or somthing similar.

Let me see if I can answer the question here in this post properly:

NJ Campgrounds? YES, YES and YES.

But only if you like camping in the mountains, at the beach and/or somewhere in between. There are actually a little over 100 different public and private campgrounds in the state of New Jersey. You can camp from as low as $15 per night up to around $80 a night depending on whether it's a public or private campground and the type and size of site you need.

You can setup your tent, trailer, camper or RV in the mountains near the Appalachian Trail, right beside the jersey shore, within a couple of miles of the Atlantic City Casinos or in the middle of the Pine Barrens.

I guess that most people who haven't visited New Jersey in a while think of us as more of a heavily populated suburb of either New York City or Philadelphia and don't know or think much about all the beautiful open areas in between. There are thousands and thousands of ares of campgrounds in this beautiful state.

Modern, clean and well kept facilities with lots of activities right in the campgrounds are the norm not the exception. as i've mentioned in another post I camped in 11 or 12 different states in the United States and I haven't personally experienced the diversity of camping situations anywhere else as I have experienced in NJ campgrounds.

We have setup six different regions to help you choose the right type of camping and area of the state to visit:

Skyland-  This region is in the northwestern part of the state near the Appalachian trail, the mountains and the Delaware Water Gap. Beautiful anytime of year with plenty to do and see.

Gateway - This region is the gateway to all the fun, activity and excitement of New York City and the surrounding areas.

Shore - This region is exactly what is says, the shore area. Lots of easy beach access and activities.

Delaware - This region is on the southwestern side of the state along the delaware river. It has lots of quiet and secluded campgrounds that specialize in solitude and in campground activities that are still close to lots of arts and cultural areas.

Atlantic - This is the region that is closest to Atlantic City and all the wonderful fun you can have there and the beaches around it. Lots of private campgrounds within just a few miles of AC and several other beach areas.

Southern Shore – This region is in the most southern part of the state with beach and Pine Barren access and lots to see and do.

There are really many different kinds of camping with a ton of activities and amenities. So hopefully you have a better idea of what NJ campgrounds have to offer after reading this post.

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